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Kidney & Bladder Cancer

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In an effort to better serve our patients, Colorado Springs Urological Associates, PLLC has partnered with Urological Associates and Pikes Peak Urology for kidney cancer treatments and bladder cancer treatments. We are confident that the union of three patient-centric, top-rated urological practices will greatly benefit the residents of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Urological Associates is a premier urology practice in Colorado Springs led by board-certified urologists and nurse practitioners. Pikes Peak Urology, a division of Colorado Springs Urological Associates, has lived up to their motto of “prompt, caring, and compassionate” since 1989.

Our board-certified urologists consistently deliver positive patient experiences and excellent clinical outcomes for a wide spectrum of male and female urologic conditions. If you’re in need of compassionate, urological expertise from board-certified specialists, look no further than Colorado Springs Urological Associates, PLLC.

Kidney & Bladder Cancer Q & A

Consult With A Kidney Cancer Specialist

The board-certified urologists at Colorado Springs Urological Association , PLLC have decades of clinical experience diagnosing and treating kidney cancer. Using our full service diagnostic lab, we can provide ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, or perform biopsies to make the most accurate diagnosis possible. We make use of the most advanced surgical techniques, including minimally invasive robotic surgery and partial and total nephrectomies to remove cancer in the kidneys. If you are seeking the best urologist in Colorado Springs for kidney cancer treatment, call our office today to make an appointment with one of our providers. 

Top-Rated Bladder Cancer Treatment

Although some growths (such as cysts) inside the bladder are common and normal, it is still possible for malignant tumors to form. Bladder cancer is most often diagnosed during a routine visit with your doctor, often related to other health concerns. If you are experiencing low back pain on one side, a mass or growth on the lower back, or notice blood in your urine, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our urologists right away. The sooner you start receiving treatment for bladder cancer, the higher your chances of making a full recovery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Types Of Kidney Cancer?

There are actually five types of kidney cancer:

  • Renal cell carcinoma
  • Urothelial carcinoma
  • Sarcoma
  • Wilms tumor
  • Lymphoma

What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Cancer? 

Kidney cancer can often develop and not cause any symptoms at all. However, some tumor growths in the kidney may cause:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Chronic pain or pressure in the lower back
  • Anemia 
  • Fatigue
  • Varicocele (enlarged veins around the testicles)

How Is Bladder Cancer Diagnosed? 

One or more of the following may be used to make a bladder cancer diagnosis:

  • Renal ultrasounds
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Biopsy
  • Angiography.

How Do You Treat Kidney or Bladder Cancer? 

Kidney cancer or bladder cancer often requires surgery to treat. The team at Colorado Springs Urological Associates are trained in cutting-edge, minimally-invasive robotic surgeries, including partial and total nephrectomies, for the treatment of cancer. In addition to surgery, your treatment plan may also include radiation and/or chemotherapy. Our team will work closely with your primary care provider and oncologist to support your kidney cancer treatment and bladder cancer treatment needs.