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CSURO Urological Associates
CSURO Pikes Peak Urology

Leading Urologists & Cancer Surgeons Across Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Urological Associates, PLLC

In an effort to better serve our patients, Colorado Springs Urological Associates, PLLC has partnered with Urological Associates and Pikes Peak Urology. We are confident that the union of three patient-centric, top-rated urological practices will greatly benefit the residents of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Urological Associates is a premier urology practice in Colorado Springs led by board-certified urologists and nurse practitioners.

Founded by Dr. Oliver Campbell over 50 years ago, Urological Associates stays up-to-date with the latest advances in urology technology and cutting-edge surgical procedures. The talented staff are proud to serve on numerous hospital, professional, and community boards, and have donated medical services to Peak Vista clinics for more than 20 years.

Pikes Peak Urology, a division of Colorado Springs Urological Associates, PLLC, has lived up to their motto of “prompt, caring, and compassionate” since 1989. Their board-certified urologists consistently deliver positive patient experiences and excellent clinical outcomes for a wide spectrum of male and female urologic conditions. 

If you’re in need of compassionate, urological expertise from board-certified specialists, look no further than Colorado Springs Urological Associates, PLLC. 

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